How sonar works

Sonar(sound navigation and ranging) is the use of an echo.If an animal or machine makes a noise, it sends out sound waves into the space surrounding it. The waves bounce back off objects in its path, and some are reflected back to the source of the sound. It's the reflected sound waves that you perceive when your voice echoes back to you in an empty room.

How sonar works
Whales and special machine use reflected waves to locate distant objects(Echo location) and detect their shape and movement.

The range and limit of low-frequency sonar is astonishing. Dolphins and whales can differentiate between very small objects size of a pellet 50 feet (15 meters) away, and they use sonar more than sight to locate their food, families, and direction.Whales send signals out bin the range 160 to 190 Db.Bats also use it to locate prey and navigate from obstacle because they are naturally blind.

Uses of Sonar
Uses of sonar includes the following:
1.Ultrasound scanning in medical and industrial imaging.

2.Mineral exploration e.g oil and gas exploration in ocean floor.

3. Location of shoals of fish.

4.Navigation by ships ans submarines.

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How sonar works
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