How to Configure VoIP on LAN

A local LAN network is a small computer network that may include a computer connected to Internet at home,an office block or school. No matter where the local LAN connection is located, you may want to connect a VoIP device (Voice Over IP) to the connection. A VoIP is usually an Internet-based telephone service provider that gives you chance to use your Internet connection to make phone calls, not needing a telephone line and no the monthly fee and long distance calls.

Materials needed includes:
1. DSL Internet connection
DSL Internet connection
2. VoIP adapter
VoIP adapter
3. Ethernet cable
Ethernet cable
4. Phone line cable
Phone line cable
5. Telephone
1.Insert an Ethernet cable to one of the "Out" ports on the local LAN on the DSL modem.Insert the other end of the Ethernet cable into the "In" port on a VoIP adapter. 2.Insert a telephone cable into the "Phone Out" port on the adapter and insert the other end of the cable into the "Line-In" port on a telephone.

3.Switch on the VoIP adapter, modem and telephone. Call the firm your VoIP adapter is from and ask for a new telephone number. You will be set up with a monthly subscription. 4.Await a response email after payment and telephone number request is processed. Shortly after, you will receive your new telephone number. Which is your VoIP adapters contact number,you will be able give to anyone,who want to call you over the local LAN Internet connection. 

A simple Voip setup

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How to Configure VoIP on LAN
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