Air Conditioner Capacitor Cost

Air Conditioner Capacitor Cost - A lot of basic capacitors, for the part alone, can run between $35 and $60, depending on how rare your specific model is; however, less than $40 is relatively standard for the majority of designs.

The expense of replacing an a/c capacitor may vary depending on the brand and the functions. On average, the cost of replacement varieties from $120 to $150. Branded units can cost a lot more than the generic ones, with a few of these prices reaching up to $400. Keep in mind that these costs do factor in the expense of expert labor for replacing the part, so some expenses can be cut if you have the means to securely and properly set up the capacitor yourself.

A weak air conditioner capacitor can cause your system to take in a great deal of electricity, so you end up with larger energy expenses each month. A bad capacitor can impact the overall performance of your A/C and shorten its lifespan. To safeguard it from severe damage, you should check your capacitor regularly and replace it when needed. By doing this, you can save some cash on your energy bills and, at the very same time, extend the life of your a/c system.

To lessen these additional repairs, constantly get your capacitor replaced as quickly as you're particular there is an issue. Be sure to have an expert conduct routine maintenance and check-ups on your air conditioner so that issues such as these can be captured early.

Additional Repairs

If the capacitor isn't changed quickly enough, other parts in the unit can end up being harmed. For instance, the electrical wiring can wind up scorched or loose, or your fan motor might likewise need attention. As a result, your repair work costs can go up when the service technician replaces the capacitor.

Turbo Capacitor vs. Regular Dual Run Capacitor
A routine air conditioning capacitor may cost you less than a turbo capacitor, utilizing the latter is better. A turbo capacitor fits in nearly all types of air conditioning system, and considering that it is created to work on higher voltages, your unit is protected from voltage changes. Furthermore, if your turbo capacitor ends up being weak, you can constantly change its capacity and extend its life expectancy.


The region where you live can have a minor influence on the overall cost of replacing a capacitor, generally in relation to labor cost. In highly metropolitan areas or cities in states where the typical expense of living is higher, AC technicians can charge more for their services. Nevertheless, this cost change shouldn't be very dramatic most of the times.

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Air Conditioner Capacitor Cost
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