Air Conditioning Doesn't Cool While at a Stop

Air Conditioning Doesn't Cool While at a Stop - There are several reasons that a cars and trucks Air Conditioning could not cool down when at a stop and also impacts cool down just when removaling. One of the most typical factor is the air conditioning follower for the condenser is not working. It's essential to understand that several times the cooling fan is shared by the radiator and also condenser, various other times there are TWO different ones.

The reason that a negative cooling fan could affect the Air Conditioning so considerably is the reality that heat from cooling agent (Freon) is normally cooled down when travelling through the condenser. So also if the condenser fan is NOT working, it might not impact the A/C while the auto is moving at freeway rates. This is since air is gone through the condenser when driving in the future so the fan is not needed. When the automobile goes to a quit, the condenser is entirely based on the cooling fan to cool it down.

Sometimes the air conditioning fan might be working, yet it could be relocating too slowly to adequately cool the condenser. To inspect the motor, a test light can be made use of to validate that it is getting power and also ground to the electrical plug in. If power, as well as ground exists and also the electric motor, is not functioning, the electric motor has an open circuit.

When the cooling fan motor is worn, it might occasionally be started temporarily by gently touching on the electrical fan electric motor with a small hammer or wrench. If the fan turns whatsoever when this is done, replacing the motor will be essential. This is simply an additional way to verify that it is obtaining the power it requires to run. Also, bear in mind that a cooling fan could start at any moment (some even begun with the engine off) so take care not to stick your hand in the method of the blades! Keep in mind that if the cooling follower motor has seized, it's most likely that the fuse has blown also. So if there's no power to the fan as well as the motor is secured, a fuse will certainly a lot more than most likely have to be changed at the time of the follower electric motor replacement.

Other Causes of Car A/C Not to Cool at an Idle or a Stop

  • The auto might be overheating - triggered by something else besides the air conditioning follower.
  • Heat transfer from the radiator to the condenser could modify effectiveness, if the vehicle is overheating.
  • The Air Conditioning compressor could not be pumping altogether at slower RPM's (changes per minute).
  • A development valve could not be controling the refrigerant properly.
  • Condenser fins could be bent, or foreign debris can block the condenser.
There are special condenser fin combs to straighten condenser fins. However in my experience, curved condenser fins are not that much of a typical trouble. An even more common trouble if you drive in the nation, is pollen collected with time in between the fins. Garbage from the roadway like a plastic bag or notepad blocking component of the condenser minimizing performance could happen anywhere. It's funny to me that during my time as a vehicle service technician, lots of customers can be found in worried that the A/C had not been cooling, however overlooked that the automobile was overheating - even if the temperature level gauge was fixed!

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More Tips: An excellent voltage tester can make examining electrical circuits on autos a lot easier. A Power Probe not only look for current, it can provide power and also ground so an electrical motor could be inspected quickly on or off the automobile. Also an A/C scale set with low and high scale readings can aid in identifying an Air Conditioning problem.

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Air Conditioning Doesn't Cool While at a Stop
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