Update: Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Update: Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Cost - Ductless cooling is likewise called split-system with its condenser system installed outside the structure, and the vaporizing system installed inside its environment zone without any ductwork. Refrigeration pipelines enter the structure in between condenser and evaporator.

You will discover that the expense of ductless air-conditioning setup differs by kind of system, its cooling-capacity and effectiveness ranking, and the regional labor rate.

In the following table the Labor Cost figure is exactly what the able DIY individual ought to anticipate to conserve by carrying out the matching jobs.

Ductless A/C setup: 600 sq.ft. zone for cooling and heating, with push-button control.

NoItemUnit CostQuantityLine Cost
1 Ductless A/C: mini-split system, 12,000 BTU/h cooling and heating, 115 VAC; with all  trim, weather stripping, hardware, and miscellaneous material. $1,206 each 1 $1,206
2 Upgrade: new electrical circuit, 30 feet, 115 VAC, 30 amps breaker; existing load center  space; 1/2" EMT tube exterior surface mount. $3.13 per  foot 30 $94
3 Material Cost $1,300 each 1 $1,300
4 + Labor Cost (A/C) $42 per hour 5 $210
5 + Labor Cost (electrical) $42 per hour 3 $126
 Total Cost $1,636 each 1 $1,636

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Cost

Regional expenses have actually been determined by representing labor and product expense distinctions throughout various cities. To obtain precise expense price quotes, suggest yours:

1 Atlanta, GA $1,770
2 Austin, TX $1,576
3 Bronx, NY $1,872
4 Brooklyn, NY $1,649
5 Chicago, IL $1,983
6 Denver, CO $1,471
7 Fort Lauderdale, FL $1,455
8 Houston, TX $1,755
9 Las Vegas, NV $1,517
10 Los Angeles, CA $1,578
11 Miami, FL $1,405
12 Minneapolis, MN $1,769
13 New York, NY $2,505
14 Philadelphia, PA $1,984
15 Phoenix, AZ $1,414
16 San Antonio, TX $1,365
17 San Diego, CA $1,565
18 San Jose, CA $1,886
19 Seattle, WA $1,559
20 Washington, DC $1,771

Other factors to consider and Costs

  • Taxes and allow charges are not consisted of.
  • Energy effective A/C will conserve cash, and in many cases refunds might be readily available.
  • For A/C systems of higher than 12,000 BTU's per hour (or 3.5 kilowatts) a multi-phase electrical circuit is usually needed.
  • For a bright space, include 10% more A/C capability than needed for space size.
  • Include 600 BTU/h's per individual if generally inhabited by more than 2 individuals.
  • For the cooking area, include 4,000 more BTU/h's than needed for space size.
  • Throughout the preliminary evaluation the specialist must notify the house owner of any and all required adjustment or upgrade on electrical circuits or developing structure.

Do It Yourself factors to consider

  • House enhancement centers generally provide a DIY set with this item.
  • This task might appropriate to an able and ready DIY individual with normal professional's tools. The installer might need to work securely atop ladders or scaffolding.


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  • Most current rates discovered on Home Depot and other supplier Web websites.
  • Literature evaluation of DIY Web websites.

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Update: Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Cost
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