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If you find yourself wishing your apartment or house was cooler, or had better air circulation, or both, then a mini air conditioner may be the way to go. Plenty of people use fans-personal fans, oscillating fans, window fans, ceiling fans-but depending on where you live, this simply might not cut it.

Especially in hot climates (or in places that are at least hot during parts of the year), a mini air conditioning can make the difference between feeling miserable and feeling comfortable. Mini air conditioners, most often, sit in the window of your home. They are meant to cool not the whole house (as central cooling does, if you decide to go with central cooling and live in the Phoenix area as I do checkout this site for Phoenix air conditioning contractors), but a certain amount of space.

When you go to buy a mini air conditioner, you will see that the different sizes of air conditioner are designed to cool, of course, differently sized spaces. Most air conditioners will say on the box (or in the product description, should you be buying online), the square or cubic feet that that particular machine is designed to keep cool.

If you are really concerned with controlling the temperature of a full living space (such as a house or large condo), you could purchase several mini air conditioners to keep throughout the house (keep in mind that the most popular style, the window air conditioner, is not at all portable and cannot be easily shifted to accommodate whatever room you may be in).

But the smarter way to use these appliances is to choose one or two rooms in which they are most important. For most people, this is likely to be a bedroom so they can regulate a comfortable temperature for sleeping. A home office would be another good choice, since this is a room that, presumably, is used regularly and cannot be easily ‘swapped’ to sit in a different room that is cooler.

No matter how many mini air conditioners you decide on, or where you choose to put them, make sure you shop around to find the one that meets your needs not just in terms of output (the space it can cool) but also energy consumption (Energy Star certification means less drain on your power bill), size, and price.

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2009 November Mini Air Conditioner Central
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