Air Conditioner Cold But Not Blowing Hard

QUESTION: Air Conditioner: Cold Air blowing hard out the PVC Drain?
I have a brand new house and all summer long have had problems with my air conditioner. I was in my attic tonight and noticed that there is cold air blowing hard (harder than it blows out of the vents in my house) out of the PVC drain pipe. The pipe comes out of the AC unit and T's immediately. The bottom portion of the T forms a "U" and then runs Parallel with the ground and goes out of the attic. The top portion of the "T" is open and that is where the extremely cool air is blowing out.
The unit is a 3 ton, 12 SEER American Standard. 1800 Sq Ft House.

What vents do you think are closed? The vents in the house are open and on one end of the house air blows fairly strong. The other end air blows very weak. I'm not sure what vents you think are closed, please explain.

I think capping it would be a huge mistake if it did get plugged up. Any other ideas?
That still doesn't explain why the air is coming from the PVC pipe. Even without the dampers set, would the air just blow harder out the other end of the house? Should air be blowing out the drain pipe? I went in my neighbors attic and his wasn't blowing out the drain pipe.

ANSWER: only a few things can cause what you have explained,,, the one most often is the coil is stopped up,,,needs cleaned or the filter is stopped up,,, causeing blow back, the second thing is ,,, that the coil has been placed on the wrong side of the air handler, mabe there was not room to put it in the return side so they installed it in the supply side,,,, this sounds like what you have,,, this is installed wrong,,, you will have alot of problems out of it,,, it will become stopped up very often and you are very likely to have water damage not far in the future if not corrected,, the way to check for this is take the cover off unit, feel the air blowing,,,,,, the fan should be pulling through the coil,,,not pushing through it,,,, hope this helps,,,,

QUESTION: nissan altima 3.5 air conditioner isnt blowing out hard but is cold? i have a 05 nissan altima 3.5 sl the air conditioner isn't blowing out hard but it is cold.. What should i do?

ANSWER: You may start by checking the filter. If that is plugged with dust it could limit the air flow.

QUESTION: My air conditioner is blowing cold air, but not very hard, what can I do? I've put a new can of refrigerator coolant in but are there some filters that I can change?

ANSWER: This depends on what kind of car you have, alot of newer cars (millenium-on) are equipped with what they call a cabin filter, and all it does is filter out the incoming air for your air conditioning. If its dirty, or if your car has over 40k miles on it, replace it, its usually suggested under a vehicles standard service schedule.
Where they hide it is the big question, again, not knowing what car you have, I cant say for sure, but alot of volkswagons have them in the back of the engine compartment on the top of the firewall, alot of other car makes hide them under the dashboard somewhere, your mechanic should know

QUESTION: My air conditioner will not blow cold air in the house?
My outside compressor fan unit was not working, so we changed the capacitor and the contactor. Now that is running, but when we put on the air conditioning in the house the vents are not blowing cold air. We also noticed later the pipe outside was freezing up. What else could we change or make it blow cold air inside. Please help!! It is so hot right now and we need the air conditioner.

ANSWER: If the pipe outside is freezing up when you are trying to run the AC then it means you have an issue. What is causing this and where should you look for problems is what your question should be.

The pipe is icing up because the refrigerant back to the compressor in the suction line is getting below 32'F. This is either due to a lack of air flow across the evaporator coil or something causing abnormally low pressures in the evaporator. Almost the only thing you can do with something like this is either change the air filter and clean the evaporator coil or you can call a service mechanic out to look at it. In the off chance it is a dirty coil and a lack of air flow causing this you should attempt to clean the coil yourself first.

To clean the evaporator coil you'll want to remove the coil access panel from the indoor unit so that you can see the return air side of the coil. If it is iced up there you'll want to run the fan without air conditioning to pull air across it and help de-ice it. You'll want to pick up some 'No-Rinse Evaporator

Here's an example of a popular brand; you should be able to pick up something from a Lowe's or Home Depot that is similar. Follow the instructions on the can, spray it on with the fan running so that it pulls it through the coil and when you're done put the access panel back on the indoor unit and run it in cooling. Don't forget to replace the air filter as well.

Beyond that if the system still isn't working properly you'll have to have a service mechanic out to look at it. It could be a restriction in refrigerant flow such as a plugged liquid line filter drier or a failed/plugged metering device. The system could be low on charge as well, without the proper tools it will be hard to differentiate. Either way you will likely need a skilled mechanic to correct the failure.

QUESTION: Troubleshooting: my car air conditioner?
So my AC has always worked really good and then one day I went out of town and it stopped blowing cold air as hard as it had before, but it was still really cold though. And now(today) I tried to run it and it isn't blowing out anything at all. Also I don't know if the weather has anything to do with it but it has been in the high 90's to low 100's since this has been happening.
But I don't know what is wrong can anyone help? I know I should prob ask a mechanic but I live in a tiny town and there aren't any mechanics that a worth a sh*t here :s

ANSWER: If I understand you correctly, the cold air comes out of the air ducks but not blowing or flowing at fast speed or flowing fast. If that is correct, then it is related to the motor blower that is inside the dash. The blower has rheostat that set the blower speed and that may have failed. Replacing it would solve your problem.

However, if you are not getting cold air or the ducks are not cold or you are getting warm air, then it has to do with the compressor. See if you hear a click noise when you turn on the a/c switch on without starting the car by turning the ignition key to on position. If you don't hear the click, find out where the fuse for the a/c compressor is located and check if it is not blown. If it is blown, replace and see if the a/c blows cold air.

If not, then remove the electrical plug at the compressor and connect a wire from the battery positive terminal to the positive terminal on the compressor. And connect another wire from negative terminal of the battery to the compressor negative terminal. If you hear the click when touching or connecting the negative terminal, that means the compressor is getting current and is ok.

However, to check if the compressor is functioning, meaning, putting out low and high pressures to the system, you should have a/c manifold gauges. If the gauges (low and highs sides) show same pressure readings with the a/c running, then your compressor is bad. You should also check the a/c relay that switches the compressor on and off to maintain desired temperature.

QUESTION: My Air Conditioner isn't blowing out the cold air as hard as it should. The coil in the air handler is clean.?

The filter is new as well. Would it be the blower in the handler? Also the outside unit (condenser fan isn't pushing air up out of the top but is pushing air through the coils? Is the condenser fan spinning the wrong way?

ANSWER: air should be going out the top if not the motor is wired wrong next thing you need to clean your blower wheel on your air handler use a straw duct tape it to vacuum to clean between hard to reach spots on wheel

QUESTION: Why is my car air conditioner only blowing semi-cold air?
I've noticed that my Lexus SC 400 still blows cold air, but not as cold as it used to. When it's night time, it seems to blow colder, but during the day in the Houston heat and humidity it blows semi-cold air, but it doesn't seem to be really cold like it used to?

What are the possible causes?
I'm thinking I just need to have some more freon or something like that put in, but I'm not sure...

ANSWER: A couple things to check before going through the expense of recharging your a/c. First, as mentioned before, spray out your condenser. A dirty condenser wont transfer heat as efficiently.
Second, if you have a cabin air filter, clean or replace it. Third, make sure your controls are set to "MAX AC" or "RECIRCULATE". Your system will cool better if it does not have to cool direct outside air. As the cabin cools, the system wont need to work as hard and cools better. Lastly, check the temp of the air coming out of the vents. 20 to 30 deg. cooler than outside air and your system is probably working as well as it can.

As a last resort have your system checked by a qualified automotive HVAC specialist. By just adding a "shot" of freon, you could overcharge your system which is dangerous.
Stay cool!

QUESTION: AC works but blows hot air?
I have a 2004 oldsmobile alero
The air blows fine and the temp gauge is normal
But it blows hot air .. And I live in tx, I'm dying right now
How can I fix this without spending tons of money at a repair shop

ANSWER: Most likely the air conditioner needs to be recharged if you want to save a lot of money you can recharge it yourself by getting a car air conditioner recharge kit.

You can by them at advanced auto parts or any other car parts store, and its kind of hard for me to explain but they usually come with instructions: How to Recharge the Air Conditioner in a Car
If that does not work, you will need to check the compressor if it spins when you turn on the a/c mode if not it will need to be taken to a mechanic because something might be wrong with its clutch, or it could be possible there is a leak somewhere in the system if you recharge and it becomes cold then becomes hot after a while.

QUESTION: My air conditioner in my Jeep is seeping cold air out the vents, but will not blow out hard. What gives? I tried the heater and that as well does not work. It is in a 2001 JGC.


QUESTION: My central air conditioner is not blowing cold air. I don't have a the manual.?
I read some where that I just have to clean it but I don't really know. Is this stuff also attached to my furnace? With the tab on "on" or "auto" it still blows warm air.

ANSWER: Depending on manufacturer and model of your A/C unit, it's possible yours is a air conditioning unit/heat furnace combo.
Find online if they have an OFFICIAL website from the manufacturer; they may have online manuals to your exact model or an email address, where you can send off for one.
If none's available, call a trusted friend who does have a A/C system like yours; maybe they can help.
If not: then we carry on here to solve your problem: Shut down the A/C by both the thermostat switch and the breaker panel A/C switch.
Just below the furnace part, there should be a grilled door. That's where the main filter is located. You'll see easily how it opens....and brace yourself: it could look pretty groddy. Carefully remove the filter. Now, look UP inside the cavity for another filter. You ought to see where it's located and how to remove it. Make note of how it is installed.
On the cardboard sides, you'll find the filter's size dimensions. Jot those down and if possible, what type filter it is. If either are a metal type filter, then you can take it outside and blast it with a high pressure water washer till it's clean and air dried after two or more hours in the sun. There might be a similar filter that too can be pressure washed and let out to dry.
If the filter is NOT a metal type one, this is where jotting down those dimensions come handy. Take the noted dimensions to a local large chain hard ware store. Look for the exact size air filter. Hepa or electrostatic type A/C filters of those exact dimensions is recommended; buy about 4 of those.
When installing such air filters, make note of a small arrow and the words AIR INTAKE. With the arrow pointing IN the cavity, install the filter and secure the grilled air filter intake door. Flip on the A/C breaker switch and the thermostat switch to AUTO. You can adjust the temperature to your liking.
When it's back on, listen close for sounds of mechanical difficulty; if heard, shut down the A/C and call the A/C guy. Get ready to hear it may be a severe clog up inside the furnace uint part or worse: if the compressor outside is shot as may be the motor that couldn't get air in--both can get expensive to fix. Best case scenario: it's only the freon that needs recharging. Sigh...I really get leery of calling a service tech, espicially when they see someone who is clueless on how their home appliance works; what you don't know may wind up costing you by their deceit.
However, if the unit sounds fine: give it about 4 hours to get a sense of if any cool air is going through the house. It may not even take that long to notice. Good tip here: replace A/C filters normally every 30 days. If recommended longer by the package on replacement filters, keep an occaisional eye to determine when the filter needs replacing.

QUESTION: Volvo air-conditioner?
I have a 2005 volvo s-40 t5 when i turn on the air it starts off nice and cold and blows hard for 5-10 minutes, after that the air looses all coldness and just blows warm air at the same pressure. If I shut the AC off for about the same time it was blowing cold and turn it back on it will blow cold and then warm again. I had services done and it did nothing to correct the problem. Can a normal guy fix this problem with everyday tools or do I have to bring it in. How much should I expect to pay.
Giving the answer why not take it to the dealer does not help, I am asking the question on this forum to get help from people in the business or others who have experianced this problem. I am aware that the dealer is an option.

ANSWER: It sounds to me like a vaccuum pod or chamber is not holding the door open for cold air to blow. If there is a hole in the diaphram or a leaking vaccuum hose that is your problem.
Look under the dash and see if there are vaccuum controls and if there are, watch them while someone else operates the air on and off for you.

QUESTION: Air conditioner not blowing cold air?
I have an air conditioner unit in my bedroom, and it's not blowing out cold air. I cleaned the filter, the fan works fine, it's just the air that comes out isn't cold. When I have it on high cool the air is the same temperature as when I have it on high fan. Is there anything I can do without buying a new one? If so how much will it cost? I prefer to do any work myself without hiring someone. Thanks!

ANSWER: Is there a thermostat control on it? usually a knob that turns, with graduations 1 thru 9 on it. If so, when you turn it you should hear the compressor kick on or off?
Hard to say but it could be a number of things. If it is a refrigerant leak, that will probably cost more than it is worth to fix.
I know this isnt much but I hope it helps

QUESTION: Can an earwig cause an air conditioner not to blow cold air?
My outside air conditioner, which is under warranty, was not blowing cold air. When a serviceman came to fix it, he said an earwig was caught in the air conditioner. I was charged 0 for this service. I find it hard to believe that an earwig can cause this to happen. I believe there was something else wrong with it and should have been covered under the warranty.

ANSWER: I saw your post and I thought you were being a jokester with this question so I typed in earwigs in air conditioners and I was shocked how fast stuff came up on this topic. It sounded at first like the old show I remember as a child the Twilight zone. It seems it it rather common. They however rarely if ever actually get into the ears.
Creepy name I say however. I have listed under my source the first site I went on. It I think is a garden site. I would look into a pest killer in your area for advice on prevention and to see if you indeed have a earwig infestation in other parts of your yard. Good luck. If you don't take care of the problem I see it could happen again. Evita

QUESTION: air conditioner creaks and stops blowing out as fast and as cold?
I bought it 5 years ago, used it for one season and then it sat in storage for 4. I leave it run all day all night. It is in my bedroom upstairs. Its a smaller unit. It's been working great up until I started hearing this crackling noise. Then it stops blowing as hard and as cold. I've shut it off for about an hour, three times now and that seems to do the trick. It's got a slope downwards for drainage. Is it freezing up? Any idea how I can fix it? I'm a mechanically challenged single mom, haha!

ANSWER: The window units tend to freeze up if you run them too long. The only thing I ever knew to do was give it time to thaw out. Mine only did it on the hottest days so maybe yours will go back to being reliable too after the worst of the heat is over.

QUESTION: house air conditioner not blowing out any air?
i just replaced my filters for my house air condtioner, and it blows out cold air, but i noticed after running for a while (maybe like 5 hours) no air blows out at all out of the vents, but the system is still running. any one think they might know whats going on id appreciate it. thank you

ANSWER: 1st It may not be blowing any air at all so turn it off and let it set for 2 hours or over night when its cool.
2nd Turn it back on and see if it blows cold air.
If it blows cold air it was iced up and here are the steps to do:
*Have it cleaned every year. (it will work better.)
*Turn down the temp control so it will not ice up again. (otherwise it will ice up the humidity in the
air as it passes through the A/C)
If it blows warm air STILL it will need serviced.
CLEANING: Window units
AC units need to be cleaned every year. (If you smoke or have pets it will be worse )You should be able to just hose it down. Use a spray nozzle. Its the inside coil that's the hardest. The coil has a fuzz; like you get in the furnace filter. Clean as much as you can out. WINDOW UNITS NEED TO SET FOR 6 HOUR AFTER CLEANING. Its not like a frig. (24 hr). Most AC unit re-cools the inside air. It does not pull air from outside.
Tip: "Most window unit electric motors and wires are air tight so you can spray them down. But you need to check." If its central air. Then have it serviced.

QUESTION: 2004 dodge ram 1500 air conditioner wont blow hard?
i have a 2004 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi. my air conditioner blows cold air and sounds like its blowing hard but you can hardly feel it. you have to get really close to the vent to feel it, it also feels like its still coming out of the floor vents no matter what position you put it in. i was told that it could be my baffles, but i dont want to tear apart my dash and consle to find out its not. and i was also wondering how much it would cost to get a new baffle and what wheres are compatible.

ANSWER: It's a common problem and does sound like the HVAC blend or mode door is not functioning properly or the servo which operates it is bad. These links provide some info on how to diagnose or repair the mode or blend doors without disassembling the dash in some cases.

QUESTION: Roof mounted AC unit not blowing cold air.?
I have an older model Heil Air conditioner that is no longer blowing cold air. The blower works fine and it pulls in a normal volume of air, but does not blow it back out cold. I checked the thermostat settings which are right, and I got up on the roof to look at it and realized that the compressor fan is not moving. There is no ice buildup on the compressor or lines. I tried turning the fan by hand and it turns but does not freewheel. I know its older but the unit is clean and is well maintained. Thanks.

ANSWER: Well if the condenser fan will not turn or turns hard or the bearings sound or feel kinda crunchy the motor is toast. Do not run the unit any more until you replace the condenser fan motor and capacitor, it will cause head pressures to skyrocket and the unit will shut down the AC side of things on high internal pressure. If this goes on long enough the high temperature tab may melt releasing all the refrigerant causing more trouble, or the compressor may fail. I bet if you get a new fan motor and get it installed it will go back to working like new!
The compressor is most likely not bad just the condenser fan, also known as the outdoor fan motor (OFM).

QUESTION: Does an Air Conditioner blow colder if the temperature is 68 as opposed to 74?
Me and my boyfriend were in an argument.
He states that it doesn't matter what the temperature on the Air Conditioner is, the air doesn't blow colder. I state that the lower temperature on the AC the colder the air comes out of it.
Which of us is right?

ANSWER: Theoretically you are. But with the temperature differential being so relatively small, it will be hard to tell the difference, You would need the outlet, from which you are measuring the discharge temperature, in a special room with specialized temperature measuring apparatus having extremely fine measurement capabilities.
Basically, there is a definite temperature drop (translate heat transfer) in the condensing coil for different ambient air temperature. This finite difference will be carried over through the expansion valve, or capillary tube, before the evaporation coil.
Your boyfriend has a very good case to argue against what I said, based on the almost impossibility to actually measure a difference with regular instruments.

QUESTION: Central AC not blowing hard enough? Air is kinda cold.?
My A/C is not blowing hard enough. There is kinda cold air when you are close to the vents, but the air conditioner is blowing very softly. It was working fine earlier this afternoon. The vents are in the floor if that helps. What should I do?

ANSWER: Get is serviced, most likely freezing up, make sure clean filter. Could be other things, but most likely low on refrigerant causing it.

QUESTION: Air conditioner????
If I wet the outer part of an A/C will it throw colder air?

ANSWER: it will definitely make your unit run more efficiently. take your head preesure down, make your compressor work less as hard, and will help remove heat better that was absorbed into the refrigerant from inside the house....It may help your temp split by only a few degress max. meaning the difference in the temperature being pulled thru the return vs. the air blowing thru the supply

QUESTION: How long should it take my air conditioner to start blowing cold air?
It takes a good 20-30 minutes for my home air conditioner to start blowing cold air through the vents on a warm day. During that time it is just blowing warm air through the vents, which warms the house up a 3-5 degrees degrees before starting to cool it off again. This doesn't seem normal as no place I have ever lived in prior to this one warmed up so much before cooling off. Plus it means that it has to work harder to overcome the now-elevated temperature when it actually starts cooling.
The system blows nice cold air once it finally starts.....any ideas what would it to take so long?

ANSWER: I would say about 5 minutes, but if it takes more than 10ish you should get your compreesor checked.

QUESTION: if you were an air conditioner repair man...? what would be your slogan/motto?

ANSWER: "I blow so cold your nipples will get hard"

QUESTION: Iced and sputtering Air conditioner?
I usually run my window air conditioner all the time since I work from home. When I knew I was leaving for a whole day, I turned the A/C off. When I returned home and turned on the unit, it sounded weird like water was sloshing around. I also noticed that the air wasn't blowing as hard as it usually does. My husband cleaned the air filter and then turned it back on.
The air, even on high, was really cold but blowing as if on low. We read that we should take it out and tilt it back to dump it out. WE DO HAVE IT TILTED PROPERLY IN THE WINDOW. A lot of water drained out and we put the A/C back in. The whole night the unit spit out water and my husband noticed ice on the front grill and the filter was frozen in. We have since turned it off to defrost. It is miserable and terribly hot here in the South. How can we fix this?!

ANSWER: I have window units too in Texas. After they are a year or two old. they start icing up or just don't work like they did when brand new. We have to take them out of the window and out side take the covers off (cover control panel with plastic- don't want to get it wet) you'll see some kind of pink jello looking gunk and leaves etc. get out your water hose and spay the gunk out you'll probably need to tilt it with a brick so the water will drain out but be careful you don't want to bend or damage any of the fins on the AC.
Also the back fins on the inside where the fan blows the air out usually gets covered with dirt and stuff in the air (we have cottonwood trees around us) that cotton stuff gets in there too so you have to clean it It might take you an hour or so, don't lose the screws you take off keep them separated so they go back in the same place.Don't use high pressure on it either just your water hose stream (maybe on jet spay but depends on your water pressure). Also clean the fins in front part where the filter goes because that gets clogged with dust and dirt. If you do get control panel wet you will need to wait for it to dry out before plugging it back it.

QUESTION: Do I save more energy if I turn my air conditioner on at night vs during the day?
Kind of a dumb question. But does the heat outside cause the air conditoner to work harder and use more energy?

ANSWER: Yes it does. Your air conditioning unit has to take air in (air intake) and the hotter the outside air, the harder it has to work to cool that air down to a desired temperature. This hot air goes into the unit, has to go through a cooling process(coils and fans and that's where the freon comes in). This liquid/chemical is what cools the air and then this is what in turn turns into the cool air blowing inside your home.
The ideal A/C system, in theory, reuses the cold air it blows out - energy efficient systems do this supposedly - through the air return, so the A/C unit does not have to cool outside hot air anymore. Some people recommend that you turn off the A/C while you're not at home and turn it on when you come in, but that causes more energy to be used because the unit has to cool down a space that is hotter than it would be if you left it on all day.
When not at home, turn it up a bit, maybe to 80 degrees or so. When at home, lower it to 77-76. A 2 degree difference from what almost everyone likes (74-75 degrees) is hardly noticeable by our body and will save a bit of energy. The night factor depends on where you live, is it a hot-humid area or a hot-arid area? Air temperature during the day vs. night may or may not have such a big impact. In hot-humid areas, the air is so saturated with moisture, it may seem like it's cooler at night but it really isn't. Hope this helps.

QUESTION: Portable air conditioner HELP!?
Our portable unit is leaking EVERYWHERE!!!! It still is blowing out cold air, but we have it on top of a plastic bin, which is on its back, and it has ridges on the bottom do I has 1/2 inch depression... Within a few hours it's so full of water it's spilled onto the floor!! We are moving to a home, but the house has regular windows, the apt we are in has those STUPID casement windows!! Why would I spend money on an a/c for a casement window temporarily?! Grrrr
I'm so frustrated, we move mid August so this piece of garbage better last!! The collection tank gets some water, but 95% spills from somewhere!! There's vents on the bottom of the unit, and I see water trickling down onto the vent, not a lot but a constant tiny stream, so something must have a hole or a leak!!
I just need this to last till mid August! It's still working, it has nano mist technology, but I suppose if its leaking directly under the unit, the nano most vaporizer won't do any good, but worst of all it's an amcor air conditioner, company went under and sears wont service it!
Any ideas?! Should I just constantly pick up the water on the plastic tub every few hours and pray? Lol I know this sounds dramatic but it cools our whole apartment!
It's 14,000 btu, says it cools 500 sq ft and we have it cooling 600 sq ft

ANSWER: First off how long have you had your portable air conditioner? Second how many BTU's is it and how big is your room? Also is your portable air conditioner on a level surface? I could be wrong but the first thing I think of is it's working too hard or is cooling your room too fast. Other than that you could have blockage in your drain. You can try removing the blockage with hanger or something thin, but be careful not to use excessive force.

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