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For decades now it has been said that Americans have a true love affair with cars and for most people these days that love extends to the many accessories that used to be considered luxuries, but which are often standard nowadays. One such accessory is the car air conditioner and a growing number of people consider a car useless without air. If they live in the warm southern states, or in an area that heats up considerably in the summertime, then that is understandable.

But, when the car air conditioning system goes on the fritz, people can lose their cool in more ways than one. More than a few cases of road rage over the years have been attributed to people who completely lost their cool because they were stuck in sweltering heat on a gridlocked freeway.

Either the car didnt have air conditioning or the auto air conditioning unit had broken down. The combination of a flaring temper, frustration and a too hot to sit in car has caused more than one person to fly off the handle and do something that was later regretted.

A great way to keep the car air conditioner running in top-notch condition is to have routine maintenance performed on it annually. In the springtime before the heat of the summer weather sets in is the best time to have such auto air conditioning maintenance done. However, people who live in the warmer climates where they use the air almost all year-round, it is best to do the maintenance service in the spring and fall.

Most auto repair companies offer a air conditioner inspection service. This air conditioning service will provide a complete inspection of the air conditioner system in your car and will diagnose any problems and often includes basic repairs as well. If the inspection reveals additional problems with the air conditioning system, then you will be provided with an estimated cost to carry out the needed air conditioner repair that needs to be done to keep your system running worry-free.

In many cases, the air conditioner in your car simply needs to have the refrigerant recharged, and this is usually covered as part of the maintenance checkup service. However, if there is a leak in the system and your auto air conditioning is completely drained of Freon, the refrigerant, then you are looking at a larger problem.

First, the leak in your automobiles air conditioner system must be identified and repaired to stop additional refrigerant from being leaked into the atmosphere, which can be hazardous both to people and also harmful to the environment. The Freon can be quite expensive to completely replace, so it is best to find and repair the leak before fully loading the auto air conditioning system with refrigerant again.

Another area that must be carefully monitored and maintained on automotive air conditioner units are the various belts which keep the unit functioning properly. Many times, the same belts that drive the heating and air conditioning unit in a vehicle also drive a number of other components. When one of these important belts break, or even has become loose through excessive wear, there can be many other problems that can cause bigger problems than just discomfort.

Because of the fact that the car air conditioner is a system that is integrated with the other systems in an automobile, it is even more imperative to make the routine maintenance on it a priority. Proper maintenance will not only help to make sure that you are always comfortable and cool while driving, but will help to keep bigger service issues from developing.

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