Best Portable Air Conditioner A Primer

A portable air conditioner is ideal for large warehouses with small work areas or places where you cannot have central air conditioning. They can be moved around in your recreational vehicle and boats and provide effective cooling. The portable air conditioner is not rated for energy efficiency, so they may consume more power, but are extremely convenient. You can move around the portable air conditioner into a small meeting room in the warehouse or in the area housing equipment like sensitive computers or motors that require cooling.

Types of portable air conditioner

The portable air conditioner works on electricity and newer models can even work on a 12 volt battery converter. There are two main types of portable air conditioner, condenser type and evaporator types. The condenser type portable air conditioner uses a coolant Freon and draws power from a 120 volts electrical source.

It needs a vent to release hot air and should be placed near a window or opening in the room. The portable air conditioner rests on a metal frame with wheels so that you can move it around wherever required.

The evaporator type of portable air conditioner uses a tank of water for cooling like in the coolers of the past. This water cools the room and humidifies the air by evaporation and hence needs no venting. This type is also known as the 12 volt portable air conditioner as it can run on a 12 volt battery converter. The only drawback is that you need to refill the water tank periodically.

This type of portable air conditioner is hence very effective and more efficient for cooling smaller spaces and in dry weather as compared to condenser based portable air conditioner. Most models of portable air conditioner will have an air filter to screen out smoke and exhaust fumes and a dehumidifier to remove moisture form the room.

Selecting the best portable air conditioner

Based on a review of technical specifications, here is a review of the best portable air conditioners. Evaporative portable air conditioner cost much less than the condenser based portable air conditioner, and you can get a good model within $200. The Symphony surround evaporative air cooler costs $190 while the Edge star model with a dehumidifier costs $290. The Edge star model is effective for cooling spaces up to 150 sq feet but is a little noisy. Amcor and Haier are the good models in the under 10000 btu category of portable air conditioners.

Coming to the 10000 btu portable air conditioner, the New Air R 1000E costs about $309, while the Amcor ALTL 12000 E comes for $599. The Royal Sovereign ARP1000ES comes with a dehumidifier and a remote, scores on being noiseless and is best for a room area of 200 sq.feet, but is costly at $500. Another Edgestar Extreme cool model comes with a remote control, dehumidifier and a digital thermostat for $395, and is best for a room area of 300-400 square feet.

Benefits of portable air conditioner

It is less expensive than a window air conditioner and you save money by moving around the same unit throughout the home wherever you need cooling. You can cool the bedroom at night and your home office during the day using the same portable air conditioner (we meant you have one more at office).

Some condenser portable air conditioners have the ability to heat as well by running the refrigeration cycle in the reverse direction. The pump draws cool air from the outside, removes heat from it and pumps out the cold air, thus warming the area where it is placed. However they work well only if outside temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius.

Armed with this information you can buy the best portable air conditioner as per your cooling requirements.

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Best Portable Air Conditioner A Primer
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