Ductless Air Conditioner Room Air Conditioning Unit

You want a cooling and heating solution, but the traditional units can't be fit in your home or building. And, you find the window units a bit too clunky and unattractive. For easy and quick installation or for homes with limited or nonexistent attic or crawl space, the ductless air conditioner is the perfect solution for all your cooling or heating needs.

Typically these units are connected by small refrigerant lines and controlled by an indoor handling unit and an outdoor condenser. Just a small hole in the wall or ceiling to run the refrigerant line is the only perforation needed. Have a complete ductless air conditioner system installed in just a few hours and enjoy whisper-quiet heat and air in a short time.

This technology, also know in air conditioning parlance as the "mini-split" system, is ideal for sunrooms, garage conversions, offices, room additions and older homes with archaic radiator heating systems. Get the comfort of central heating and air system and avoid the lost energy and added costs that result from ducting. Plus, only cool or heat the rooms that are being used, which results in even more savings. Look at a couple examples to give you an idea as to the range of solutions that you can count on for just about any venue imaginable.

Bring instant comfort to your living room or den with the LG LS122CE 11,500 BTU ductless single zone mini-split air conditioner. Accentuate your comfort with by choosing from various settings, including dehumidifying mode. Count on the LG patented Plasma Air Purifying System to filter out dust, pollen, dander and more. The unit accurately measures the temperature of the room and turns off the compressor once the target temperature has been reached. Get nearly instant comfort for less than $900.00.

For increased cooling and heating capacity -- something designed for the entire home -- you might consider the Sanyo CMH3172 30,600 BTU ductless multi-split air conditioning and heat pump outdoor condensing unit. This is the driving force behind all your heating and cooling comfort.

This Sanyo condensing unit allows you to connect up to 4 interior units - great for space limitations and avoiding clutter. Seamlessly install units in 3 bedrooms and one central living area, for example, and connect them all to one condenser. Turn the interior of even the most challenging building or home construction into an exceedingly comfortable atmosphere for right around $3,500.00.

You decide on your needs and you can rest assured that there is a ductless air conditioner that will be a perfect match. Whether you need to bring increased comfort to a small room or an entire building, the mini-split and multi-split systems offer creative and energy efficient solutions.

Plus, there are numerous quality manufacturers from which to choose. For the best in ductless air technology consider air conditioners from Seer, Haier, Friedrich, Amcor, Mitsubishi and Soleus among others.

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Ductless Air Conditioner Room Air Conditioning Unit
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