Freon Price How Much Freon Should My losangeles Air Conditioner use

Your Home Air Conditioner Doesn’t Use Any Freon! That is a bold statement any you are probably wondering why your entire life you’ve  heard that air conditioners use Freon. After all, you have to add Freon to your  system every single year just to keep it running, right? Wrong!

Your home air conditioning system circulates Freon. It never uses it up. It doesn’t  go bad from age or use. If you need to add Freon to your home air conditioner,  you have a Freon leak Your  Outdoor Condensing Unit (Air Conditioner) Nameplate

The air conditioning nameplate above is from an 11 SEER American Standard Condensing unit. So lets go over what the nameplate says. First, the air conditioning model number (2A7A1024A10000AA). The first 2 means that this unit takes R22 Freon. The  numbers in the middle 024 means this unit puts out 24,000 btus or 2 Tons of air  conditioning. That is all you need to know about the model number. HCFC-22  3lbs. 14oz. or 1.76 kg

This means that this system uses R22 Freon (HydroChloroFluoroCarbon) and this unit  takes three pounds and 14 ounces of Freon or its equivalent weight of 1.76  kilograms. That amount of Freon is good enough for the outdoor air conditioner  and 15 linear feet of copper line set. The line set is the tubing connecting  the outdoor unit to the indoor unit.

So, How Much Freon Does This Air Conditioner Use?

If you have a longer line set and a large evaporator coil you can take the  nameplate weight of Freon and add up to 2 lbs.

This System Should Not Normally Exceed 6 Pounds Total Freon. That is only if the Freon system is completely flat on Freon. No Freon remaining at  all. If your system is running, but is not cooling as well as it should, then  chances are good that you are only low a few ounces to a pound or so.

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Freon Price How Much Freon Should My losangeles Air Conditioner use
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