Friedrich CP10F10 Compact Programmable Window Air Conditioner

Friedrich is known for manufacturing some of the world's most durable air conditioners. Friedrich air conditioners are made from higher-grade materials and components that delivery dependable operation for years.

The 9800 BTU Window Air Conditioner has precise, programmable controls with lots of cool features. Use the 24-hour timer to program on and off times and conserve energy while at work. But, still come home to perfect comfort because your air conditioner automatically lowers the desired room temperature setting base on the schedule you select, or program your Friedrich to raise the temperature a few degrees shortly before you wake up and enjoy getting out of bed for once.

Heavy 20-gauge steel will stand the test of time. Aluminum rear grille protects unit from damage and vandalism. Virtually no other manufacturer offers this feature. Solid sleeve top keeps out falling debris, which can obstruct the fan and prevent it from turning. And, Friedrich's air conditioner features aluminum endplates, which won't rust. Larger, commercial grade fan motor runs at lower temperatures than smaller motors, which protects against overheating and contributes to a longer life span for the product.

Sound levels as quiet as a gentle rain. Advanced airflow technology based on cutting edge engineering lets more air through as space increases so noise is minimized. Vibration isolating design absorbs motion and sound to reduce unwanted noise. Heavy-duty side curtains or solid masonite side wings block outside noise and light.

Expandable side curtains reduce outside noise and light 4 air flow directions Auto swing louvers Power cord runs left or right for more installation options Stale air exhaust Washable anti-microbial air filter Cooling Amps 8.5 Moisture Removal 3.0 pints/hour Net Weight 77 lbs

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Friedrich CP10F10 Compact Programmable Window Air Conditioner
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