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On  average for every hundred dollars that you spend in utility bills you are only receiving  about $67 worth of heating and cooling. You are wasting 33% of your energy  bills in waste. That is the national average, but here in Southern California  the average is closer to 63% efficient meaning for every $100 in utility bills  you are wasting $37.

Our testing of systems mirrors these government statistics.  It is real and these are new systems as well as old systems. If you have a new air  conditioning system installed and you don’t feel that it is cooling your home  the way it should, you are not crazy. Give us a call and we can help you out.

20% of the airflow, average, through your home duct system is leaking through poor connections, undersized ducting and is heating and cooling the great outdoors.1. State Certified Testing for Inspection Passing

We can perform that for you. The cost is $250 and includes the State of California Permit and all required electronic forms submission. We will repair minor problems to aid in verified passing (we are prohibited from doing more). We will be unable to give you any recommendations for repair or proposals for repair. The State requires this restriction.

We will however call and let the contractor that performed the work on your job know the results and give them recommendations. Retests are $150 on the same permit. For Freon or refrigerant testing go here.2. Diagnostic Testing for System Performance

This is $175 and is for homeowners and business owners that want to know if their air conditioning systems and heating systems are actually performing the way they should be. This does not include any materials or permits. This is the California HERS Testing for ducts as above, but no permit submission. This does not include any expert testimony for court trials or depositions.

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Furnace foothillranch Air Duct Testing Air Duct Repair Air Duct Cleaning
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