Furnace haciendaheights haciendaheights Air Conditioning Fan Motor Outdoor Fan Motor

Technically  this is really called the condensing unit fan motor. The outdoor section of  your home air conditioner is called the condensing unit because this is where  the air condition system’s compressor compresses and condensing the gaseous  Freon into liquid Freon.

The  fan motor is what moves the air across the outdoor cooling coils of the air  conditioner. This removes the heat from the Freon and sub cools it (cools it  below its saturation point).Fan  motor failures are common in the heat of the summer and the typically reasons  that cause those failures are:

1. Age, Wear and Tear

Not  everything lasts forever. A typical air conditioning fan motor will last 12-15  years in our Southern California Climate. The bearings wear out and the motor  fails.

2. Lack of Lubrication.

While most air conditioner fan motors have permanently  oiled bearings, some still need to be oiled a drop or two. This is something  that we perform regularly on our tune up. For only $39, if you use and print  the coupon above to the right, you’ll receive a air conditioning tune up and  evaluation.

3. A Poor Electrical Connection

Corroded  terminals and loose wire nuts cause an increase in the amount of heat across the  wiring. This increased amount of heat reduces the amount of electricity the  motor is allowed to operate on which causes it to run at an elevated  temperature. This elevated temperature leads to premature breakdowns. Give us a  call and we’ll help you with this problem. Our $39 full system tune up and evaluation  can solve this for you.

4.  Capacitor Failure

One  of the most common breakdowns for the outdoor fan motor on an air conditioning  system is capacitor failure. Loose connections and wear and tear lead to  failure on the hottest days. The hottest days are the days when the electrical  voltage coming into your air conditioner is the lowest. It is also the time  when your air conditioner needs the most amount of electricity to start and run.

These combinations are destructive if your air conditioner isn’t in peak  running condition. Give us a call and we’ll help you with this problem.

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Furnace haciendaheights haciendaheights Air Conditioning Fan Motor Outdoor Fan Motor
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