Haier CPN 12XH9 Portable Air Conditioner- A Versatile AC For Many Occasions

Portable air conditioners can serve you to work or relax in hot weathers on many different occasions. Many times using a centralized air conditioner or a fixed installation is ruled out. In such occasions Haier CPN 12XH9 comes handy with its portable yet powerful cooling performance to let you enjoy your work or relaxation without being hampered by rising mercury levels. It is a versatile product that also can be put to use in heating applications and the heat engine gives out the equivalent of 11000 BTU capacity while the cooling engine has 12000 BTU capacity.

Features of Haier CPN 12XH9 Portable AC

There are many unique features of this Portable air conditioner but the most important among them is the versatility. It has four modes of operations which give the functions of Cooling, Heating, Fan and de-humidification. It means that, just with this one equipment you will get the comforts in all the seasons. De-humidification or setting the humidity level to a comfort zone is most important for function that can be useful independent of temperature control of heating or cooling. That is a great relief when you are sweating uncomfortably in humid air.

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The portability adds to the versatility of the product so that you can set the air conditioner to work in any part of your home or even you can carry it to places where you need the comforts of air conditioning or air heating.

The engineering design of Haier CPN12XH9 has auto evaporation feature that makes it practically maintenance free. The auto evaporation makes it possible to work the portable ac without need to stop the machine for water removal.

Haier CPN12XH9 has another distinction of making it a safe product for yourself and your family because it is ROHS complaint product. ROHS certification means Restriction of Hazardous Substances, which vouches for the safe use of the product. In this case there is no danger from the contamination of dangerous substances like mercury and lead by using this portable air conditioner. The AC is eco friendly even in the choice of refrigerant that does not cause harm to the environment like other CFC based refrigerants.

You can choose the most comfortable cooling zone and other facilities by the availability of 3 cooling and 3 fan speeds. You can set these speeds to get the most comfortable climate setting for your room depending on the ambient conditions.

Specifications of Haier CPN 12XH9 Portable Air Conditioner

The portable AC has dimensions of 23.3 X 19.5 X 38 inches and weighs just 79 pounds or 36 kgs making it truly portable. You can buy the product from reputed online stores but you can order it only within US. Regular price of CPN12XH9 is $549 while it is available at on an offer price of $338 allowing a saving of $211 (as on the date of writing). The portability of the machine allows you to easily wheel it around to any place in your home and run on a portable generator if there is no mains power. 

There are some customer’s grievances about this product regarding the noise of the compressor unit that may not allow you to have a sound sleep! Overall, the performance and the versatility are the plus points of this portable ac.

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Haier CPN 12XH9 Portable Air Conditioner- A Versatile AC For Many Occasions
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