Home Air Conditioner Furnace Freon Leak Detection and Freon Charging

Actually Finding and Repairing Freon Leaks in Home Air Conditioners. (Homeowners) Let us examine your system and give you a professional money saving opinion. Opt for one: Fluorescent Leak Detectant, Freon Stop Leak, or Just a Fill Up.

When we find your leak we will ensure that your system stays running. Most leaks are so small that many methods simply are not sophisticated enough to catch them. We will choose the right system for your Freon leak and we will explain to you why it is the right system for Freon leak detection.

Compressor Bearing Damage: This can be caused by a lack of lubrication. Freon carries lubricating oil with it throughout your home air conditioner. Being  low on Freon is like being low on oil in your car engine. It will cause  problems.

Compressor Electrical Windings Damage: Freon cools the  compressor. It is a large motor and the only way it will keep from overheating  is if it transfers its excessive heat to the Freon. Your air conditioner being  low on Freon is like running your car without water in the radiator. 

Increased Electrical Bills: A lack of lubrication causes  friction which causes the compressor motor to work harder and consume more  electricity. Electricity usage increases as the temperature of the windings  increase because electricity has a harder time crossing through wire at  elevated temperatures.

Low on Freon in your home air conditioning system also means  fewer btus, less cooling, from your air conditioner and therefore it runs  longer to achieve the same cooling.

Evaporator Coil Damage: When the Freon pressure lowers due  to a Freon leak to below the freezing point, ice forms on the evaporator coil.  This ice bends and distorts the coils causing physical damage.

Flood Damage: When the ice builds up, many inches thick,  melts the water runoff overpowers the drain and runs down through he middle of  the air handler or furnace. This causes transformer short circuits and circuit  board damage and ultimately floods the home. A 3 Ton air conditioning system  can remove more than 1 gallon of water an hour from the air in your home.

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Lung Damage: If the Freon is leaking in the home it can  cause severe damage to your lungs and even cause death. It is not healthy to  breath.Bottom Line: Get it fixed before the damage results. For more information on Freon leak detection give us a call.

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Home Air Conditioner Furnace Freon Leak Detection and Freon Charging
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