LG LP1311BXR Portable Air Conditioner

LG LP1311BXR portable air conditioner has 13 000 BTU meaning it can cool the room with about 500 square feet. It is perfect for cooling some particular room, or every one you have in your house. It is so quiet youll forget that it is in the room with Low-Decible technology.

This portable AC has great design, making it one of the most beautiful portable air conditioners on the market. This AC is very functional and economical air conditioner.

LG LP1311BXR  Portable Air Conditioner


This portable air conditioner is 32,94 high, 18,5 wide and 15,44 deep with 68,3 lbs weight. It comes in two stylish colors, metallic silver and black. With this neutral colors it can fit in every environment. In the front it is very simple, it only has LCD display at the top and one small grid. In the back are the rest of the girds for cooling and ventilation.

You can see the cooling temperature on white LCD screen at the top of the air conditioner, with easy understanding buttons on it. Due to the wheels this AC is extremely easy and functional. You can move it from one room to another without any problem.


Metallic silver or black portable air conditioner isnt just stylish, it also has great performance. It is very strong AC with 13 000 BTU. You can cool a 500 square feet room very easy and quickly. One of its advantages is silence. You room will have great temperature and you wont hear a thing due to its noise reducing technology.

With LG LP1311BXR has 3 fan speeds for greatest cooling performance and it can blow cool air in two different directions. It can also reduce humidity in your home, mixing cool dry air with the warm air. You dont need to remove water from it with auto evaporation system.

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LG LP1311BXR Portable Air Conditioner
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