Sanyo 09KS71 - Among The Best Split System Air Conditioner

When the summer’s heat is too much to handle, there are numerous air conditioners to keep you cool. If you are in a tight budget and do not need serious office style cooling, there’s a portable air conditioner for you. But before you buy something that’s expensive, ask yourself “Is this worth my thousand dollars?” or “Am I getting enough from this?” The quality you get from a product is just as important as the value for money; else, you might end up paying more than you should. 

Split system ductless air conditioners are best used in a window or mounted through a wall. Unlike conventional air conditioners that make large holes, this type of air conditioner is much attractive when installed inside the house since the unit is smaller. Most of all, you do not have to worry from not having a good night sleep as this air conditioner is quiet. Its compressor, which is the noisy part, is placed outside. 

Sanyo 09KS71 is among the best split system air conditioners available in the market. It competes with other big brands such as LG, Carrier, and Kondura for their call on producing environmental-friendly and energy efficient appliance units. With a SEER rating of 16.0 and a maximum voltage of 120 volts, Sanyo 09KS71 is an energy efficient device and is cooling your home the “greener” way. It is labeled as an Energy Star Device.

Specs of Split AC Sanyo 09KS71

Ductless air conditioners are relatively medium in size and are attractive indoors. When there is a need to conceal, you can just cover them with a curtain or large cloth. Sanyo 09KS71 is W11 3/16? x D32 7/16?xH7 7/16? in size. The outdoor unit’s measurements, including the compressor, are H21 9/16?xD10 7/16?xW28 5/16?. Both of these units are considerably small and do not need too much space for installation.

Sanyo 09KS71 has great features to consider. It has microprocessor control that ensures right temperature and humidity in the area. Instead of cycling on and off, it speeds up and slows down automatically to maintain an ideal temperature. Air sweep control, on the other hand, allows for proper distribution of temperature in the zone, ensuring that every corner is cooled.

Additional Benefits Of Sanyo 09KS71 Split Air Conditioner

The most commendable part of Sanyo 09KS71 is its ability to help remove harmful agents around the area, making this unit among one of the best split system air conditioners. Its apatite or calcium phosphate filter is highly effective in trapping mites, dust, pollen, dirt, microscopic insects, and even cigarette odors. It also features anti-mold filters to prevent frequent build up of fungi and bacteria. Best of all, you are sure to get negative ions all year round with the unit’s negative ion generator.

Maintenance of Sanyo 09KS71 is real simple as it is self-diagnosing. It tells you when the filter needs repair or cleaning. But, you really don’t have to worry. This unit comes with an incredibly 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts, and a 7-year warranty on its compressor.

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Sanyo 09KS71 - Among The Best Split System Air Conditioner
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