Your Questions About Home Air Conditioner Maintenance

I was recently having some airconditioner issues with a leaking unit, so I had maintenance come in they basically cleared out what was clogged in the unit. Fast forward a couple days and my airconditioner is having a tough time cooling.

After a couple bad days of maintenance, they came into my apartment where they cleaned the cooling coils, changed the filter, added new batteries to the thermostat, the Freon level was checked, and all the vent temperatures for air flow were checked and everything seemed to be fixed up.

I got home the evening after it was fixed and although cool air is coming out and I can feel better air flow, my apartment simply isn't cooling quick enough. I typically was able to drop the thermostat 2-3 degrees when I got home from work and it would cool down the place within half an hour to an hour.

Now I'm sitting here the next day and it took 3 hours to cool 2 degrees and now has taken 7 hours to cool 5 degrees. I just don't know now what could be wrong, but I plan to talk with my apartment in the morning. My apartment is 740 sq ft and I'm on the second floor, so what else can be the issue here?

When everything was working, it just never took this long to cool and now I can't seem to get my airconditioner to drop below 75. It actually just moved back up to 76 and has been running nearly 8 hours with only one short turn off. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening now?

I've spent nearly a week with an airconditioner not working correctly and now that I thought it was, it's still having full cooling issues. My electric bill is getting killed by this and I'm tired of this thing running and running. Any ideas?

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Your Questions About Home Air Conditioner Maintenance
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